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1-50: The American colonies

51-100: The American colonies, cont.

101-150: The French & Indian War, beginning colonial unrest

151-200: Colonial unrest and the American Revolution

201-250: The Constitution, the structure of American government

251-300: Federalists and Anti-Federalists (Democratic-Republicans), Washington's presidency

301-350: John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, the War of 1812

351-400: The War of 1812 and the rise of industry

401-450: Andrew Jackson, early 1800s literature

451-500: Early 1800s social movements, Supreme Court cases

501-550: Westward expansion, Texas, and Oregon

551-600: Technological advancements, abolitionism, North / South conficts

601-650: North / South conflicts, Abraham Lincoln, Civil War

651-700: Reconstruction, Supreme Court cases

701-750: Supreme Court cases, monetary policy, civil service reform, monopolies

751-800: Trusts, labor unions, political machines

801-850: The rise of cities, early 1900s art, social reform

851-900: Late 1800s literature, social reform, "Jim Crow" South, Plains Indians

901-950: Free Silver, imperialism, Spanish-American War

951-1000: Imperialism, territories, muckrakers

1001-1050: Trusts and Theodore Roosevelt

1051-1100: Labor victories, territories, World War I

1101-1150: WWI, early 1900's literature, the Twenties

1151-1200: The Great Depression and Franklin Roosevelt

1201-1250: The New Deal

1251-1300: Foreign relations and World War II

1301-1350: World War II, Korean War, Cold War

1351-1400: The Cold War

1401-1450: Civil Rights Movement

1451-1500: Civil Rights Movement, Vietnam War

1501-1550: The Sixties, Richard Nixon and Watergate

1551-1603: Ford, Carter, Reagan, Supreme Court cases

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